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Canadian Humalite International Inc.
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Edmonton, Alberta
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humalite Humic substances are black to brown, highly functionalized carbon-rich macromolecules. They are naturally occurring brown to black plant organic material. They are comprised of humic acid, fulvic acid and humin, which together are commonly referred to as “humin” or “humics”. These various forms of humics have been used throughout the world to increase soil microbial populations, soil quality, crop quality and crop yields.

In Agricultural and Turf applications humics have been shown to enhance nutrient availability by maintaining the nutrients in the soil root zone. The high cation exchange capacity of humic products results in an ability to retain soil moisture and make available important plant nutrients to enhance plant growth and yield. Increases in phosphorus and nitrogen uptake have been demonstrated through numerous research trials.

In Environmental applications humic material has been shown to improve structure and water holding capacity, increase microbial growth and aggregate sandy soils. Humic materials are also able to increase potassium availability in problem soils. The addition of humic material to soil leads to an improvement in the productivity of the soil. For the environmental industry it can lead to faster, more efficient, and higher quality land reclamation.

Canadian Humalite International Inc. (CHI) is a manufacturer and supplier of specialty products derived from humalite, a natural soil organic material rich in humic substances. We utilize a strict control on the raw material and finished products to ensure our quality to be among the best. Our dry, liquid, and soluble humic products are marketed as soil amendments and fertilizer enhances to provide humic and fulvic acids to soil and plants.  We also have liquid nutrient products chelated with humic, marketed as specialty fertilizers. Our products have been registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (US National Organic Program).

Providing quality products for agriculture, horticutural, environmental and turf is our commitment!

For more information about CHI, click here to download a printable pdf of "Who is Canadian Humalite International Inc?"

Canadian Humalite International Inc.’s products have been marketed in Canada, several states in the US, Asia, and other parts of the world, in which different registration criteria may be required for a specific region or jurisdiction. It is not possible for us to provide information that would satisfy all requirements set by any regulatory bodies. Information shown here is therefore intended only to provide general statements regarding our products.

Should you require any of our Application Labels please contact us directly