Coal Creek Golf Resort,
SW Ryley, AB

Coal Creek Golf Resort

Golf course photos

"Transforming a coal mine into a championship golf course has been an exciting endeavor. As a reclamation project one of the biggest challenges we encounter is marginal topsoil and low levels of nutrients, which makes it difficult to provide a suitable growing medium where sensitive turf grasses can establish and perform. Incorporating the humic granule product into our fertility program has improved soil composition while increasing the nutrient levels as well. We will continue using humates in our fertility plan".

Jason Rasmuson
General Manager
Coal Creek Golf Resort

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Liquid fulvic containers  

CHI Liquid Humus 24 is 100% naturally organic and approved as an organic input. CHI Liquid Humus 24 is a liquid product derived from natural material rich in soil organic matter and humic substances. It may be used as a soil amendment, foliar spray or fertilizer enhancer. Soil organic matters and humic substances may improve the quality of soil, growth of soil organisms, and uptakes of nutrients by plants. CHI Liquid Humus 24 will contribute to improving soil quality, texture, water holding capacity and sustainability, while breaking down clay lattices and reducing sodium build up in soils. CHI Liquid Humus 24 is a more concentrated version of our CHI Liquid Carbon. CHI Liquid Humus 24 is only available in Europe and The Middle East.”