Since our inception in 2011, we have been working diligently to develop leading-edge humic products, to provide exceptional customer service and to grow the evidence that supports the use of humic compounds across industries.

Be it agriculture, turf, horticulture, drilling, remediation or animal health, we are proud to share our sustainable solutions with the world.

What We Do

Canadian Humalite International is a trusted manufacturer and global supplier of specialty humics. Our innovative products are derived from Humalite, a type of sub-bitumous coal that is distinctly Albertan and exceptionally effective.

Why Humics?

The biological and chemical breakdown of plant life over millions of years is the secret to our success and potentially yours. Whether replenishing the earth’s energy, restoring balance or increasing efficiency, humics add value.

Humin, fulvic acid and humic acid are the organic building blocks of humic compounds. These naturally occurring substances are highly functionalized carbon-rich macromolecules that have been shown to boost soil health, enhance productivity and spur impressive results.

The Humalite Advantage

Our high quality Humalite is the product of centuries of natural decomposition in Alberta’s freshwater bogs and surrounding prehistoric vegetation.

Because of its unique origin, CHI’s Humalite is packed with valuable humin, fulvic and humic acids, but low on ash and other undesirable components.

Not only does our Humalite outperform other, less effective, oxidized coal offerings, it helps industry leaders grow their competitive advantage while demonstrating environmental leadership and responsibility.

Our Team

Founded by a knowledgeable and dedicated group of individuals with nearly 70 years of combined experience in humic substances, Canadian Humalite International is changing landscapes around the world for the better.

Our company brings together talented business minds and seasoned industry professionals, as well as some of the best and brightest humic researchers on the planet. Working together, we are having a profound impact across industries.

Our Facilities

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, with a second production centre in Halkirk, Canadian Humalite International is helping to transform industries all over the world.

Our facilities incorporate the latest humic processing and manufacturing equipment along with a dedicated research environment.

Not only are we producing and delivering humic solutions to countries around the globe, we are continually building the evidence base and bringing important new products to life.