By partnering with industry professionals and universities, we are better able to discover innovative solutions and create next generation products.

Ag Canada

The agriculture industry has faced increased pressure about climate change and in particular, nitrous oxide (N2O) and Methane (CH4) emissions. CHI is currently involved in leading-edge research focusing on how humic substances can be incorporated into animal feed to reduce enteric fermentation.

Battle River Research Group

CHI continues to partner with this non-profit, research group located in east-central Alberta. Together we are advancing various field trials to explore the effects of humics on different signature prairie crops.

Chinook Applied Research Association (CARA)

CHI has enjoyed working with CARA on research and demonstration projects examining how dry and liquid humic products can be used to improve soil structure.

Industry Partners

We are proud to collaborate with growers all over the world who want to discover humics potential and reap the benefits.

Our research team is always eager to hear about collaborative opportunities to make a difference. Please connect with us at